Enrike Hurtado is a programmer/designer/musician that lives and works in Bilbao. He is part of ixi software, a group of people experimenting with new types of interactivity in musical software. The focus is on the exploration of interfaces that allow for a more fluid and intuitive interaction between the musician and the instrument/system. Besides he does generative music systems and develops free software multimedia tools.

Enrike's work unfolds in few different levels or layers. On the one hand the development of multimedia software tools (Mirra, simpleOSC) released under free content licenses. On a the second level, those tools are used to develop experimental sound software. The aim in this case is to create tools that allow musicians to adopt new approaches in their music making process and therefore open new spaces for musical creation. On a third level, customised versions of those musical applications are used to create endless generative musical compositions used in installations/performances. All knowledge (both technical and conceptual) gained in those activities is spread in the form of workshops at different universities and institutions. Those levels are developed concurrently and feedback each other. Any kind of intellectual production (software, music, tutorials, etc ...) is shared under free content licenses.

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