Earweego are Echo Ho, born in Beijing, and Hannes Hoelzl, born in Bozen/Italy. The duo was founded in 2002 and is active in two fields: media art installation and live music performance. In live performance, earweego’s interest lies in the ad-hoc creation of immersive, spatial environments that are open to evolve in any direction during time. Paying tribute to the great innovators in ambient music, jazz improvisation and soundscape, classical avant-garde, plunderphonics, industrial, minimal electronica and glitch, their style definition is open and often strongly relating to the actual environment where the performance takes place.

Technically, they employ computers with self-written software based on open source tools, and custom sensor interfaces to allow for an expressive performance of computer generated sound, yet keeping a great amount of access to the ‘inner workings’ of the digital processes in order to exploit the powers of self-developing algorithmic structures. Their music performance is augmented by Echo’s live-generated visuals that are treated much like the sound worlds: fluid, evolving, and clearly subject to spontaneous decision. earweego’s work has been shown in ZKM Karlsruhe, Venice Biennale, Sprengel Museum Hannover and Beijing Millennium Dome, amongst others; and they have performed in various places in Europe and China, at make art Festival in France, Beethoven and Frischzelle festivals in Germany.